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Miniture size of ZScreen to enable RealD cinema quality of 3D picture with commercially available home theater projectors.

for LCoS projector

(including shipping fee)

2pcs passive eyewears are included.

for DLP projector

(including shipping fee)

2pcs passive eyewears are included.

Take advantage of mobile Single Projector Passive 3D visualization solution for design, collaboration and presentation in the well known RealD quality.
Mini-ZScreen is the perfect budget solution for passive stereo 3D presentations in education, medical/DICOM, computational chemistry, conference rooms and professional home cinemas. Compatible with stereo-ready 3D projectors Mini-ZScreen is offering brightest, crispiest, high-resolution colour stereo image without ghosting. The quality is like sitting in a RealD Cinema. It is ideal solution in situations where concepts, facts, and results must be communicated clearly, precisely, and with impact to large audiences at a reasonable price and best picture quality. It is available for 1-Chip DLP or LCoS projectors.
RealD Mini-ZScreen is placed in front of the 3D enabled projector lens and, when used in conjunction with polarized eyewear, creates an unparalleled sense of immersion. This combination is ideal for presenting Stereo 3D imagery to large audiences like in classrooms, meeting rooms or laboratories.

  • Allows earlier Stereo3D visualization of models, enhancing design review.
  • Increases effectiveness of presentation involving 3D design or concept.
  • Supports passive Eyewear – With the Mini-ZScreen in place over the lens, high quality stereo3D visualization is achieved using low-cost passive eyewear for an indefinite audience.
  • Flicker-Free Viewing – The supported 3D DLP projectors offer picture sizes up to 5 m (14 feet) for stunning stereoscopic viewing.
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility – RealD Mini-ZScreen simply plugs into the VESA MiniDin 3-pin stereo Sync Port of the projector or the computer.
  • Easy Flip-Up for 2D viewing – The RealD Mini-ZScreen can be easily flipped up if you want to see a 2D movie.
  • No additional power supply – The RealD Mini-ZScreen is not requiring an additional power supply.


Aperture Size 64mm x 43mm
Contrast w/o screen >250:1
Response Speed <300usec
Dimensions (WxHxD) 150mm x 182mm x 83mm
Input Voltage 4.5V -13.2V | 15mA (5V DC input) supplied by projector output terminal
Synchronization method VESA DIN-3pin
Synchronization Frequency 35Hz - 150Hz (Triple Flash)
Lifetime against illumination 10000hr @ 4000lm
Compatible projectors Optoma : HD25-LV / W401
JVC : DLA-X700R / X500R
DLA-X95R / X75R / X70R / X55R / X35 / X30
NEC : NP-M402WJD / M362WJD / M402XJD
Please contact us for further supported models.
Model MZS-LC13A for LCOS JVC projectors | MZS-DL13A for DLP projectors
Manufacturers Warranty 12 Months

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