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Stereo Graphics EXXR Extra Long Range Emitter

Infrared-Emitter, including VESA-BNC-cable (1.8 m), power supply, 24 Months Warranty.
Specif ications: Range: ca. 21 m, 110° horizontal, 40° vertical. P/N EXXR

※CLJ is a manufacturer of 3D products certif ied by RealD.


Range 70ft (21m)
Stereo Connector 3-terminal connector block (For simple on-site connection) and BNC
Battery Life 35hr charge/ 500 charge min
Battery Type & Charging Method USB port rechargeable lithium
Infrared 'spread' 110 degrees
Dimensions (LxWxH) 135mm x 127mm x 39mm
Power supply 100-240V Universal Power Supply (output 24VDC) included
Scope of Delivery EXXR Emitter, VESA to BNC cable, Universal Power Supply, Users Guide
Warranty 1 year

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