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Pico Projector Module


ColorLinkJapan’s pico projector module realizes 720P HD resolution with its tiny size.


  • E5-DiLL NB

HD resolution is not just for video professionals anymore. All kinds of people now enjoy readily available, high resolution video in their everyday life. This means the market demands a high image quality and HD resolution portable projection solution.
ColorLink Japan has developed a pico-projector module to meet this market demand.
With its tiny size, ColorLink Japan’s E5-DiLL pico-projector module can be embedded in any application, delivering an HD-resolution image everywhere you go.


Display Type LCoS (0.26”)
Resolution 1280 x 720 (720p HD)
Brightness 16 lumens (Typ.)
Contrast 600 : 1 (Center)
Light source RGB LED (Field sequential color)
Aspect ratio 16:9 wide screen
Projection distance 25.4 cm <
Throw ratio 1.94

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Pico Projector Module