ColorLink.Japan, Ltd.


Miniture size of ZScreen to enable RealD cinema quality
of 3D picture with commercially available home theater projectors.

RealD CE4s

Super High Contrast Active Shutter Glasses. (Lens contrast: 5,000:1)
IR Emitter signal receiving, Re-chargeable battery.

Stereo Graphics EXXR
Extra Long Range Emitter

Infrared-Emitter, including VESA-BNC-cable (1.8 m),
power supply, 24 Months Warranty. Specifications:
Range: ca. 21 m, 110° horizontal, 40° vertical. P/N EXXR


Embedded digital illumination module for
Pico-Projector application.
It can be embedded in any application realizing
720p HD resolution image within.

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Pico Projector Module